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Buildings which have been Tree-ring dated by this project

(Dendrochronology is for the most part by Tree-Ring Services, from whom detailed reports on each building can be obtained.)

The dates shown are felling dates for the timbers in the first phase of the building.
Sometimes only a range of possible dates can be given.
Construction dates would normally be soon after the Timber Felling date.

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ParishBuildingTimber Felling date(s)Photos
CHIDDINGFOLDCombe Court Farmc1430, winter 1431/2
Gostrode Farmc1581,winters 1581/2,1582/3
Greenawayspring 1544,winter 1544/5,spring 1545
Roppeleghs - old build1488-1520(2 spot dates)
    - new housewinter 1589/90,winter 1592/3,spring 1593
    - kitchen wing1589/90,spring 1593
Rye Cottagec1590,winter 1590/91
Skinners Land Farm- main rangewinter 1470/71 (spot date)
    - western baywinter 1531-1556
DUNSFOLDParish Church - tower
(Click on picture for enlargement)
    - pews
Thought to be amongst the oldest in the country
Forge Cottagec1254 (spot date)
The earliest felling date the Project has found in a dwelling in Surrey.

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EASHINGJordans - cross wingwinter 1571/2,spring/summer 1573,winter 1574/5
ELSTEADThe Gableswinter 1428/9,1430?,winter 1431/2
The Old Farmhousewinter 1443/4,spring 1444,spring 1446
FRENSHAMWalnut Tree Cottagewinters 1427/8, 1429/30
The only 'true' cruck house in Surrey.
The Old Cottage,Priory Lanewinter 1471/2
GODALMING37/38 Bridge Street Street1496-1510
1 Church Streetwinter 1570/71
3 Church Streetwinter 1556/7
57/59 High Streetwinters 1469/70,1470/71
109 High Street (Museum)spring/summer 1445, spring 1446
HAMBLEDONGreat House Farm - barnwinter 1750/51
The latest felling date the Project has found in Surrey.
Maytree Cottagewinters 1558/9,1559/60
Vannsummers 1541-2,winter 1542/3
    - barnsummers 1547-53 (spot date)
HASLEMEREEast Gardenspring 1594,winter 1594/5
(Shottermill)Rose Cottage - hall range1453?-1484 (spot date)
    - parlour bayspring/summer 1584, winter 1585/6
SALFORDS & SIDLOWCrutchfield Farm1439-1471
    - parlour bayspring/summer 1584, winter 1585/6
THURSLEYParish Church - belfry1364-1400 (spot date)
Creedhole Farmwinter 1616/17
Hedge Farm - east wingwinter 1467/8
The Old Parsonagewinter 1410/11
Ridgeway Farm - hall rangec1436
    - kitchen wingwinter 1626/7
    - inserted floor in the hall1602-1634
Upper Highfield Farmwinter 1553/4
WITLEYParish Church - transeptspring 1531
Ambergarth & Amberley (Milford)1434, winter 1434/5, spring 1436
Chimneys (Milford)winter 1601/2 (spot date)
    - re-used timbers or earlier phase1507-1534 (2 spot dates)
Littlebrook Farm1511/12, c1514,winter 1520/21,spring 1522
The Old House (Milford)spring 1552, winter 1552/3, spring 1553, winter 1555/6
Turnpike Cottage Milford)winter 1567/8

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