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Buildings which have been Tree-ring dated by this project

(Dendrochronology is for the most part by Tree-Ring Services, from whom detailed reports on each building can be obtained.)

The dates shown are felling dates for the timbers in the first phase of the building.
Sometimes only a range of possible dates can be given.
Construction dates would normally be soon after the Timber Felling date.

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ParishBuildingTimber Felling date(s)
BLETCHINGLEY37 High Streetspring 1495,winter 1495/6
BURSTOWBurstow Manor
Still fully moated.
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winter 1333/4
Third oldest felling dates recorded
in a dwelling in Surrey.
     (Outwood)Cogmans - solar wingwinter 1474/5,winter 1475/6
Smallfield Place - front range1615,winter 1616/17
    - back rangewinter 1612/13
CHALDONTollsworth Manor - hall range1433?, winter 1436/7
    - solar wing1326-1358
DORKINGInholms Farm - hay barnwinter 1677/8
LINGFIELDThe Guest House (library)c1472,winter 1473/4
Moor Hall1518-1550
1-3 Rose Cottageswinter 1496/7, winter 1498/9
ParishBuildingTimber Felling date(s)
CRANLEIGHCold Harbour Farmhouse1681,winter 1681/2,springs 1680/1/3
Oliver Housewinter 1559/60
EWHURSTWyndrums - main rangewinter 1569/70, winter 1570/71
    - face wingwinter 1569/70, winter 1571/2
LEATHERHEADRowhurst - front rangespring 1631, winter 1631/2
    - rear wingwinter 1345/6
LIMPSFIELDTenchleys Manor - Parlour wing,central baywinter 1598/9,c1599
    - Parlour wing,eastern baywinter 1599/60, spring 1600
OXTEDBarrow Green Court - main buildwinters 1590/1,1592/3,1593/4
    - short rear wingwinters 1591/2,1593/4
    - pine wingwinter 1496/7, winter 1498/9
RIPLEYVintage Cottagec1388,winter 1390/91
SENDOld Manor Cottage - southern bay1413-1445 (2 spot dates)
ParishBuildingTimber Felling date(s)Photos
CHERTSEYHardwick Court - barn1443?, winter 1444/5,spring1445
CHOBHAMOld Pound Cottagewinters 1543/4,1547/8 (2 spot dates)
GUILDFORDCastle Arch - roof of centre range (the museum)c1553, winter 1553/4
NORMANDYHalsey Cottagewinter 1510/11
OCKHAMAshlea & Church Gate Cottageswinter 1468/9
- inserted floorwinter 1587-1619
OLD WOKINGChurch of St Peter - The Great Oak Door1106-1138
We believe only 3 church doors in England are considered to be of earlier dates -
The 'Pyx' door at Westminster Abbey;
St Batholomews at Hadstock, Essex;
and the 'Gundulf' Door at Rochester Cathedral
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PIRBRIGHTCauseway Farmhousesummer 1557,winters 1556/7,1557/8
Vynes Cottagespring 1502,winter 1511/12
SHAMLEY GREENReel Hall - front range1445-1477,1498-1525 ( 2 spot dates)
    - service wingc1507, winter 1507/8
    - parlour wing1522-1554
WANBOROUGHGreat Barn (Tithe barn)
(Click here for description & history)
    - octagonal post
    - reconstructed NE aisle
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winter 1705/6
WEST ENDFellow Green House - inserted floorwinter 1555/6
WOKINGLangmanssummer 1536,winters 1522/3,1536/7/8
WORPLESDONThe Greenspring/summer 1501,winter 1503/4
Frosbury Farmhouse - front range
    - rear wing
    - inserted floor
    - porch
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1550? (spot date)
1622-1629 (spot date)
winter 1638/9
ParishBuildingTimber Felling date(s)
BORDONShepherds Cottagespring/summer 1583 (spot date)
    - replacement joistsspring/summer 1603 ( 2 spot dates)
YATELYMonteagle Housec1619
ParishBuildingTimber Felling date(s)
HORSHAMCoolham Barn
(now at Frosbury Farmhouse,Worplesdon,Surrey)
spring/summer 1549
IFIELDOld Plough Cottage1576-1604
Saykersspring 1502,winter 1502/3,winter 1503/4
WARNHAMOld Manor - Main rangewinter 1495/6
    - rear wing1479-1511,1492-1517 ( 2 spot dates)

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