Many houses have features which are not visible from the outside and many are not understood by their owners.

Wattle and Daub

This wattle and daub which had been an external wall has deteriorated to reveal its construction.

(photograph ©Peter Minett)

Recorded before it is lost forever

(photograph ©Peter Minett)

Inside some outbuildings behind a grocer's shop in Farnham was found this hop drying floor still intact.
The building was used as a hop kiln and after they had been heated the hops were spread out in layers
on a hair cloth on this floor whilst allowing air to circulate.      
This building, with its prime location in the centre of Farnham, cannot last beyond the current ownership.

Warding off witches - Apotropaic marks

Despite surfaces being cleaned and marks sometimes being hidden,
symbols can often be found carved into timbers especially near the hearth or on doorways
They are thought to have been made to ward off witches and often form the letters 'M" or 'V"
Other items are sometimes hidden in the chimney for the same purpose

These marks were found on a hearth beam


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