After much discussion and research we try to interpret our findings and compile a report.
         In return for allowing us in to record, the owners receive a copy of the report free of charge.
         A copy is also sent to the National Monuments Record.

Architectural features

From the recording of over 4,000 buildings, a range of architectural features have been identified as having a pattern of development

Interpretation & Development

Most houses have had additions or renovations and part of the process is to interpret the clues and suggest the development.

This cottage has undergone many changes since it was originally built.
It has at various times been 3 labourers' cottages, a shoemakers' premises and a Victorian sweetshop and is now one dwelling.

Scale drawings

Besides being a historical record of what can be seen today,
ground plans,elevations and sections
drawn to scale, can clarify anomalies.

In this example it was known that major renovations had taken place but drawing to scale showed that the post which
looked out of keeping with the rest of the framing was a taller insertion and the original back wall
had been removed completely to allow the construction of, and headroom for, a modern extension.


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