Illustrated glossary of architectural terms

TIMBER FRAMING - basic terms

BayDistance between one cross-frame (truss) and another.
BeamHorizontal timber
BraceDiagonal timber between vertical & horizontal members of a frame.
   Arch bracesCurved braces between vertical and horizontal members of a frame
   Passing braces
   Wind braces
Close studdingSubsidiary member in a framed wall, spaced approx. the same as stud widths.
Collarsee Roof structures
Crown postsee Roof structures
JoistsHorizontal, parallel timbers supporting floor boards and/or ceilings.
JowlEnlarged top of a wall post
PanelSubdivision of a bay
PostVertical timber
Purlinsee Roof structures
Queen strutssee Roof structures
Raftersee Roof structures
RailHorizontal member of a wall frame or panel
Spine beam
Heavy horizontal timber laid parallel to the long axis of a building
to support joists, either directly or through a cross beam.
StudSubsidiary member of a framed wall or partition.
Tie beamBeam connecting two slopes of roof across its foot, usually at wall plate level.
Framework across a roof at intervals carrying longitudinal timbers
Also a complete cross-frame from ground to ridge
   Closed trussspaces between timbers are filled in e.g. rooms
   Open truss spaces between timbers are left open e.g. barns
Wall platesee Roof structures

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